Google vs. Yahoo: Inside The Battle For Mobile-Search Dominance


Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) may offer users better functionality, and may have wider carrier distribution deals in place — but in the race to own the nascent U.S. mobile search market, it appears that Google



Not sure what's being hyped in this post. There were a number of questions we raised directly with Bernstein about this report, which are listed in the additional highlights. The report is actually based on your/comScore's September 2008 search/brand reach report which it cites, which they then used with M:Metrics data to get their January 2009 figure. They clearly state in their report that their approach is based on comScore's. Their report is also much more focused on how these companies are positioning themselves to capture mobile advertising revenues and what this might mean for their stock price, this is not an indepth study on the growth or user numbers for mobile search at all. They've left that to you guys! Hope that helps.

Jaimee Steele

comScore (and before M:Metrics) has been measuring brand reach of mobile search providers since 2004 using time-tested media measurement methodologies. While Bernstein's research is interesting, it's hardly the first, and I am a little surprised that made it into Moco's typically excellent and hype-free coverage (Especially since Moco has covered mobile search market shares in the past, for example:! Also, a few questions:
1). Does this include text-based searches, or voice-based searches?
2) What was the methodology of this study? How big was the study?

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