Smartphones account for 23% of all handsets sold in US


There may be a recession going on, but sales numbers released by the NPD group show that in the fourth quarter of last year smartphones accounted for 23 percent of all handsets sold in the U.S.  This is up from 12 percent in the year before — the firm attributes the bump to the release of touch-screen phones like the iPhone (s appl) 3G, the BlackBerry Storm (s rimm) and the T-Mobile G1 (s goog).

Also of note is that half of all smartphones sold have touchscreens, even though many of those also have QWERTY keyboards.  The usage of 3G has also increased, with 66 percent of all smartphones now using 3G connectivity compared to only 46 percent a year ago.

(via Business Wire)



We know the iphone is a top seller I wonder what the other big hitters are.

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