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MetroPCS Wants to Deploy LTE in 2010

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Prepaid phone company MetroPCS (s PCS) says it hopes to deploy LTE, the next-generation wireless standard, beginning in 2010, according to Tom Keys, chief operating officer of the company. Keys spoke with me at the MetroPCS headquarters today in Richardson, Texas. While he couldn’t lay out a definite time frame for the deployment, he said, “It is our desire to deploy LTE in 2010, probably the latter half.”

The company, which operates a CDMA network on AWS and PCS spectrum holdings, is in 14 markets, which is one of the reasons Keys expects the carrier will be able to roll out the network quickly. “We’re nimble,” he said. Company executives affirmed MetroPCS’s LTE plans on its earnings call last week, but didn’t offer up any details as to timing.

The news of such a rapid LTE deployment is a bit odd coming from a carrier that currently doesn’t have a smartphone on offer to customers, but Keys said a phone from a “Canadian smartphone maker” will be coming in the second or third quarter of the year. Currently MetroPCS doesn’t have a data card offering, and Keys wasn’t willing to commit to more details or a time frame for a data card strategy tied to LTE. For now, the company’s focus will be on the handsets, he said. Looks like Verizon (s vz) might not be the first LTE network in the U.S. for long.

41 Responses to “MetroPCS Wants to Deploy LTE in 2010”

  1. Pedro I hope what you say is true, cause i went to the store and they told me it was in december. Probably not to major cities like miami or new York, but if they can do it in the late summer then they will be finish before the end of 2010.

  2. I heard all this talk about metro i been a customer 5 years and they r about as slow on everything like service went to the corp office to replace my bb8330 and now 4 weeks later still no call. went by there or sorry forgot to place you order,and the samsung i was told to be release in 2nd half what is their 2nd half

  3. What they’re talking about ? They didn’t even launch 3G network which they had announced some day on 2007 and now they’re saying
    about LTE deployment this year. All of this doesn’t sound serious to me.

    • Langford

      I went to a Metro store yesterday to get de BB curve and they told me that they don’t have anymore because is discontinued. They also told me that Metro is going to get a new BB soon. Then, they said “we can look if they have it in another store (for the curve)”. Haha. After what they told me i prefer to wait!

  4. ummm at the fair yesterday some body stole my phone and metro didt cover it so im mad at that cus i spent 60 bucks of my hard erd money so yea dont buy metro but on the other hand you do want to buy metro cus they got a good plan but you dont wanna buy metro cus there phone cost a loooottt and there phones are jacked up dang

    • actually its gunna come out late summer , i work for metroPCS (authorized dealer) but im cool with the Metro Rep. and he told me some stuff and he said that 4g will be released late summer not confirmed yet, but it will be ” THE FIRST COMPANY TO BRING OUT 4G IT WILL BEAT VERIZON WIRELESS” ( THAT’S HOW TOLD US HE WAS SUPER HAPPY)

  5. I read on HowardForums that our current Metro BlackBerry Curves have 4G chipsets built in, but need a firmware upgrade to activate them. I hope this is true, as I really love my Berry and don’t want to get a new phone.

  6. im Loving It!

    WoW!! Is it Me or is Metro PCS moving Way Too FasT! Its GREAT!!

    i Love Unlimited With THem!

    The CoveraGE IS gOOD & sERVICE PLANS aRE gREAt!!

    & nOW WITH iTS tOUCH sREEN & bLACKbERRY oUT!! pLeaasssee!!! gOODbYE tO 1 oF THE bIG 4..



    go metro pcs!! i love it!!

  7. MetroPCS needs to work on their regular service. I don’t know if its their spectrum allocation or what, but they have horrible reception all around San Francisco. Plus, they do love to tack on a bunch of additional fees.