Looking for Desk Space in the UK? Check Out Desk Space Genie


genie1Having a hard time concentrating on the work you do at home? Maybe you’ve outgrown your home office. You could rent one somewhere else, but that can be quite expensive. You could find a coworking space, but unless you live in a major city they can be quite hard to come by. A good option might be to rent some desk space in somebody else’s office: It’s cheaper than renting your own, you get the separation of work and home life, and you might even get some witty office banter along with your desk, chair, Internet access and a filing cabinet, (phone line typically not included). But above and beyond the basics, how do you find the office studio that best suits you?

If you live in the UK, Desk Space Genie could help. It’s a nationwide marketplace, launched yesterday, for desk space in the region. Simply type in your desired location and it returns a list of available desks in your area.

I’ve got to admit that, as it’s a brand-new service, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of search results. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a few decent-looking options in my area (Bristol). You can sort results by distance or price.

Desk Space Genie search results

Desk Space Genie search results

Clicking on a search result lets you look at full details of what’s included in the deal, photos (if the advertiser has included them), and a Google Map showing the location.

Desk Genie detail page

Desk Space Genie detail page

Desk Space Genie doesn’t (yet) have the quantity and variety of advertisers that you might find on Gumtree, but it’s much easier to look through Desk Space Genie’s results as it only lists available desk space.

According to Desk Space Genie, the nationwide average for a desk is about £170 ($240) per month, although obviously this varies with location. As companies shed staff and look to shave costs, it’s likely that even more desk spaces will become available, which may put downward pressure on prices, so it might be worth taking a look to see what’s available in your area.

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Do you rent desk space? What has the experience been like for you?

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