Julius Genachowski Nominated As New FCC Chairman

As expected, President Obama has nominated Julius Genachowski as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission — a much needed and much awaited replacement for Kevin Martin, arguably one of the more biased-towards-phone-companies commissioner. Genachowski was a co-founder of LaunchBox Digital, a Washington, D.C.-based startup accelerator, and in the past he has worked for Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactive Corp. His appointment was met with approval from all kinds of lobbying and industry groups — Public Knowledge, NCTA, Free Press and American Cable Association. We had put together a laundry list of things he must do. I am personally going to judge him on what he gets done, not what he talks about. As Cisco (s CSCO) CEO John Chambers argues, we need a broadband strategy befitting a country that has long been a technology leader and innovator