SpinVox Will Transcribe Your Skype Voicemails & Send You a SMS

spinvox_180x50I am a pretty big fan of services like Got Voice and SpinVox that essentially take your voicemails, transcribe them and send them to you as text messages for quick and easy consumption. London-based SpinVox is the big daddy amongst all these services and works with most U.S. mobile service providers. Today the company announced that now you can get Skype voicemails transcribed and sent to you via SMS. Just to be clear — I have not tried the service on Skype, so can’t vouch for it. You can try it yourself, if you’re in a hurry. This is not a cheap service: Each voicemail-to-text conversion will cost €0.20/£0.17/25 cents, plus the cost of sending an SMS message. Still, it seems like a pretty useful service, considering that we spend a lot of time away from the computer and don’t have access to Skype. Or as Stacey would like to say — one less reason to have a landline.