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Eye-Fi bumps up to 4 GB, adds iPhone app

eye-fi-video-cards-1It was just in January that the folks who produce the Eye-Fi SD memory/ WiFi card announced a new product, but they aren’t sitting still.  The new Eye-Fi cards bump the memory up to 4 GB to help handle all of that HD video you might be shooting.

The Eye-Fi is a unique product that adds WiFi photo/ video upload capability to cameras that use SD storage. Now, when you throw in the (now) 4 GB of storage, the $79 or $99 is downright reasonable. The extra $20 for the Eye-Fi Explore Video adds geo-tagging to photos and videos automatically.

Eye-Fi will upload directly to Flickr and YouTube as well as allow you to shoot pics to your computer directly from a digital camera.  The new cards should be shipping by the end of the month.  I’m going to have to try one of these in the Kodak (s EK) Zi6 I’m using for sure.  Eye-Fi is also releasing an iPhone app this week that will allow card owners to upload photos from their handset to their Eye-Fi accounts.

(via Engadget)