Early Samsung NC20 Hands-On at LAPTOP


samsungnc20leadFolks in the UK and other countries have had some playtime with the Samsung NC20, but here in the U.S., we’re just in the ordering stage. LAPTOP Magazine just received the Korean version of the NC20 and provides a quick, walk-around video tour of the device.

This is the 12.1-inch bigger brother of Samsung’s NC10 netbook, which is fairly popular due to the long run-time of the 6-cell battery. Aside from the size differences, the NC20 uses a 1.3GHz VIA Nano CPU in lieu of the 1.6GHz Intel (s INTC) Atom found in the NC10 and many other devices in this class. I like the look of the keyboard on the NC20 already, and although I don’t need 720p video playback on my netbook, those that do will be happy, according to LAPTOP. They also say that the NewEgg will be an exclusive seller of the NC20 here, and that March 16th is the expected date to watch for.

I’m personally at a “sticking point” with 12-inch netbooks like the NC20 and Dell’s (s DELL) Mini 12. When I’m not carrying my 13.3-inch Apple (s AAPL) MacBook around, I’m toting my 10-inch MSI Wind. These 12-inch devices offer a solid compromise between performance and portability, but I think I have my bases covered already. I’ll have to think some more on this one, but I know I don’t need a third mobile device to manage.


Ted Gilchrist

I’m torn between a Mac Book, for $939, vs an nc20, for around $600, when it comes out. I’m not a gamer, but rather, a “cloud-based programmer”. Also, I’m getting sick of my CPU freezing up on my aging Powerbook G4, whenever I’m 2 minutes into a YouTube video. I’ve spent years successfully avoiding Windows, preferring Linux and OS/X.

So that’s my profile, more or less. I’m looking forward to getting a machine in the 12 – 13.3 inch display range that I’ll be able to tether to a Blackberry, and work anywhere.

So let’s assume price isn’t an issue. Whaddya thing Mac Book (not Pro), or NC 20?

Sym Bian

+1 on the thought. Not really into the 12.1″ size. Might as well take the MacBook. I currently have an S10, Wind, NC10, Mini 9, and Vaio P and TZ150. Plenty of small(er) options.

Jez - Samsung NC20 Community

I think I’m with you on that one. If I didn’t already have a 10″ device (the NC10!) then I would be looking at this closely. The higher price might ultimately put me off, but I do think it is a neat looking machine and would meet my portability needs whilst providing a little more screen space.

I’d probably want to know more about how the Nano matches up but early reports make it look like a competent CPU.

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