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Don’t Forget the Little Guys: Updated Processors, Hard Drives, and Keyboards


Alongside some of the more publicized changes Apple (s aapl) made to their lineup today, including the long-awaited new Mac mini, the iMac and Mac Pro updates, and the changes to the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule devices, there were also a few, more quiet modifications made.

Maybe most interesting among these changes are the processor speed improvements made to the MacBook Pro line of Apple notebooks. Whereas MacBook Pros used to cap out at 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the limit has now been increased to 2.93GHz. The standard processor included in the more expensive 15-inch model also gets an improvement, up to 2.66GHz from 2.53GHz.

Processors weren’t the only thing to receive attention today in Apple’s notebook lineup. The 256 SSD drive upgrade option that first appeared with the 17-inch MacBook Pro is now available for all unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros. I still think it’s prohibitively expensive, but I suppose if you have $825 lying around, there are worse ways to spend it. Maybe.

Apple peripherals also received a minor alteration this morning. Specifically, their keyboard now comes in three possible configurations. There’s the existing wired keyboard with numpad, and the wireless Bluetooth keyboard without, and now, there’s also a wired version without. The new smaller wired keyboard apparently ships by default with the new iMac, though the Mac Pro still comes with the numpad-inclusive version. Price point for the new wired keyboard? $49, same as with the numpad.

Does this strike anyone else as the opposite move Apple should’ve made? I don’t know about you, but I want my wireless keyboard with a little numpad spice, not the other way around. Talk about a missed opportunity. We’ll see how the Apple community reacts to the keyboard switch, but I really hope it isn’t just the first step towards phasing out the numpad version altogether, and then introducing a new peripheral, or worse yet, suggesting the iPhone is their numpad.

10 Responses to “Don’t Forget the Little Guys: Updated Processors, Hard Drives, and Keyboards”

  1. It’s good for two reasons. Wasted desk space and ergonomics. If you right handed, then the mouse need to be to the right of the keyboard. If you have a num pad, then the mouse is way further right that it should for good positioning.


    I loved the look of the wireless keyboard but I hate buying batteries and I’d hate to lose my USB ports. So the mini wired keyboard is perfect for me

  3. anonymous

    the issue with these keyboards (and i’ve got one too) – the control, option and command keys all get sliced in half the size to fit the function button in the bottom right corner.

  4. Yeah, I can see the logic, too. One fairly significant advantage of a keyboard without a numpad is that it balances much better on your lap, which makes sense for the wireless keyboard, but a little less for the wired version.

    And the iPhone as a numpad isn’t really much of an option. I’ve tried it, but the numpad is too small to do much touch typing on it, so you might as well use the numbers on the keyboard.

    The one thing that really annoys me about the smaller keyboard is the lack of a delete key and the page up/down, home and end keys. OK, you can get those using the “fn” key, and I’m getting used to that now, but when you have keyboard shortcuts that use those keys, throwing “fn” in the mix can be a bit like finger-Twister.

    What I really want is a multi-touch trackpad for my iMac! Maybe one that can double as a numpad? :)


  5. Gazoobee

    The smaller keyboard makes sense to me given that it seems likely the majority of users don’t do number crunching. I wish they would make a separate wireless number pad like the wireless keyboard though. I would buy it. Even though I would rarely use it, the times I do need it would make it worthwhile.