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A Web Worker Wish List

Maui Palm TreeWe all have those crazy ideas that we really want to make happen, and they sound like a great idea for a brief period of time until we talk ourselves out of them. I will admit to having a few wild ideas on my web worker wish list, and I’m just crazy enough to share them with you. These ideas come out of nowhere in the middle of the night, during my shower or while working at my desk, and they brew in my mind just long enough for me to start doing some research, but most of them don’t stick around long enough for me to make them happen.

Last week, I wrote about staying fit as a web worker. While I know that fitness is important from both a physical and mental standpoint, I sometimes resent the time away from work. Yes, I can listen to podcasts and even sometimes do some email or feed reading while I get fit, but I wish I could do more. Enter wish list idea #1: workout workstation. I want to be able to work out while I work. I like to think about how I could walk for miles while doing client work, making calls, or writing blog posts. They even make some contraptions that let you strap your laptop onto the treadmill console, but they look pretty flimsy and are often at an uncomfortable angle for typing. I’m thinking of something more like a treadmill but with a standard desk adjusted to an appropriate height for someone standing and typing. The one that Susan Heid built looks a little rough, but it is pretty close to what I was thinking. Now, I just need to build it, find a place for it in my tiny house, and not kill myself in a freak treadmill accident while juggling my tea, laptop, and cell phone.

I also like to take vacations in locations with beaches, hot weather, and sunny skies. I refuse to work on these vacations in favor of spending most of my time lounging on the beach with a good book. However, on the way home, I always start thinking of ways to spend more time at the beach, which brings us to wish list item #2: exotic beachfront office. Some people manage to pull this off; Tim Ferris wrote a whole book related to this idea. This idea usually starts popping up around this time every year when the rainy season in Portland seems to have lasted for years, instead of months. Maybe I could re-arrange my life and work schedule to spend a couple of winter months in a cottage on the beach in some exotic locale, but with solid wireless and other web worker amenities of home.

I even managed to implement one of my wish list items last summer when I put together a pretty decent setup for a deck office with a long, outdoor extension cord, chairs, table, and umbrella for shade. It isn’t a fancy office, but I can get some fresh air while also getting work done.

What items are on your web worker wish list? What are your tips for implementing these ideas?

5 Responses to “A Web Worker Wish List”

  1. In my experience (a bicycle trainer and a laptop platform) I either sweat too much or move too much to interact effectively with a computer. Instead, I agree it’s a fine time to cruise through RSS feeds, videos, news – the things you read while you should be working. Gets them out of the way.

    I suppose walking on a treadmill wouldn’t be as wobbly, might try that someday.