Toys R Us Sees Opportunity In Used Games; Can It Stop GameStop?

imageIf GameStop can rack up $2 billion in revenues from used-game sales alone — is there room for another mass game reseller? A Cheap Ass Gamer forum member spotted a sign in Toys R Us enticing gamers to “sell back” their used games in exchange for store credit today (pictured); Joystiq confirmed with a company rep that the 12-week trial was taking place in “a couple New York stores,” but the spokesperson wouldn’t reveal much else.

Some details can be gleaned from the fine print on the ads in the stores themselves: games must be in their original cases, with artwork and the player’s manual, the disc can’t be cracked, and they won’t accept “A” rated titles (likely meaning “Adult,” though the actual ESRB distinction is “AO” for “Adults Only”). Toys R Us has the built-in audience, but can the toy retailer beat GameStop’s prices, give gamers more store credit for each title they turn in — and still turn a profit?

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