Is T-Mobile USA Entering The $50-A-Month Voice Plan War?

imageT-Mobile USA launched a trial in San Francisco two weeks ago that allowed customers to sign-up for unlimited voice for $50 a month, but now there’s evidence that it is quickly expanding the offer to more customers nationwide. Ironically, it was RCR Wireless News, which shut down today, that first reported the move. The publication reported that staff at RCR was able to sign up for the offer in two different locations, and that it appears any customer in any location who has been with T-Mobile USA for 22 months or longer can sign up for the promotion. T-Mobile is not providing any more details, but said in an official statement: “We are offering select customers pricing plans that reward their loyalty to T-Mobile. We do not comment on pricing policy for competitive reasons.”

It wasn’t very long ago when carriers started offering unlimited voice plans for $100 a month, but a slew of regional players and MVNOs over the last year, have been putting additional price pressure on the four major carriers to discount rates even more. Recently, Boost Mobile, the MVNO running on Sprint