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Vid-Biz: Dish, MeeVee, Steve Garfield

Dish Loses 102,000 Subscribers in Q4; satellite company cautions that its subscriber base could continue to fall as AT&T terminated its reseller agreement to carry the service. (Multichannel News)

MeeVee Real-ee Gone; former employees say they haven’t gotten tax forms and the CEO of parent company LiveUniverse says MeeVee employees haven’t been active in months. (TechCrunch)

TV News Uses Live-Streamed Citizen Mobile Video; Steve Garfield showed how deep the snow was in his area with a yardstick and Nokia N95 via Qik via Mogulus. (

Dailymotion to Distribute Hulu Content; video portal to get access to 40,000 pieces of content from the premium content distributor. Deal comes shortly after Hulu pulled its content off (release)

Sorenson, Comcast Make High-Level Hires: Peter Csathy is now President and CEO of Sorenson following his role as CEO of SightSpeed, which was acquired by Logitech in 2008. (release) Comcast Interactive Media brought on Scott Schiller as SVP of Ad Sales for Fandango, Fancast, and Plaxo, Schiller was co-founder of the IAB. (release)’s TV Crawl Ads to Combat Ad Skippers; part of a trend to overlay brand messaging over the actual content of the show. (Ad Age)

Sufei’s Diary is Big in China; local adaptation of the Portuguese web series Sofia’s Diary about an 18 year-old girl getting used to her new life in college in Shanghai is a hit. (Variety)

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  1. Thanks to the link to my live streaming Qik report that went over Mogulus to NECN cbale news this morning using a Nokia N95 cellphone.

    Ted McEnroe and I had tested this off air a week ago, and we went live with it today.

    Ted also could have opened up my stream to full screen.

    I’ve got another video on my blog with a full behind the scenes video.

    Reporting snow depth on NECN Live using a cellphone via Qik via Mogulus