NTV Talks with Angel of Death‘s Zoe Bell and Ed Brubaker

We hit up WonderCon here in San Francisco this weekend to sit down with Zoe Bell and Ed Brubaker (and not at all because we’re big nerds who love comic books, nu-uh, no way). Bell is the star of, and Brubaker wrote, Angel of Death, the new action-packed web series launching today on Crackle.

Our very own Liz Miller will be reviewing the actual series later this week, but before you see Zoe Bell kick butt as an assassin, check out the former stunt person here talking about what it was like working on her first web series (and enjoy that awesome Kiwi accent).

Ed Brubaker, who’s famous in comic book circles (The Death of Captain America), explains that writing for the web isn’t all that different than writing for comics. It’s all about being able to serialize a story (and providing enough “oh sh-t!” moments).