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MarsEdit 2.3 Public Beta Released

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picture-1If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably run into MarsEdit at some point or another. Maybe it stuck, maybe it didn’t, but in my experience people who’ve blogged for some reason or another, and who own a Mac, have played with MarsEdit. Whether it appealed to you before or not, it might be worth a second look now that the public beta 2.3 version has been released. You can grab it at the Red Sweater Software blog.

Now, I won’t lie, I haven’t been partial to MarsEdit or other software-based blogging solutions in the past. This is actually a point of contention between me and my girlfriend, who is a die-hard MarsEdit devotee. I recognize the many benefits of it, and I do think that it’s a nice piece of software, but I just prefer working directly in the WordPress editor with Google Gears enabled.

The big change in this update is Tumblr support. Before, MarsEdit supported WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and many others, but this is the first time Tumblr support has been included. If you’re unfamiliar with Tumblr, it’s a relatively recent player in the weblog game, but it offers a degree of customizability not available for Blogger or WordPress users without additional paid features or self-hosted installs. There’s a couple of outstanding issues, like MarsEdit won’t recognize your Tumblr blog if you have your own custom domain name, but you can still edit it, as long as you point your software at the Tumblr-based URL they provide you.

Tumblr support may not seem like that big of a deal in and of itself, but combined with MarsEdit’s already long list of supported software, it definitely adds to its appeal as a one-stop source for all your blogging needs. Especially since Tumblr has become such a hit with the Twitter crowd, owing to its quick and easy posting of a variety of media in a addition to written blog content.

As a recent Tumblr user myself, I’m willing to give MarsEdit another try. I value software that centralizes or congregates otherwise scattered tasks, and that’s exactly what MarsEdit 2.3 does for blogging.

Other than the addition of Tumblr support, the only other improvements seem to be favicon detection, Technorati Tags editing, and some media manager updates. MarsEdit has a free 30-day trial. After that, it will set you back about $30.

5 Responses to “MarsEdit 2.3 Public Beta Released”

  1. Hi Robert – I totally appreciate that some users just don’t want to be bothered by seeing the HTML markup in the post. It’s definitely not for everybody. I plan to add a WYSIWYG feature at some point.

    You can still “see how the post shapes out” with the live HTML preview, but I concede it’s not the same as editing styled text in place.

  2. robertsoakes

    I agree with your assessment. MarsEdit appears to be an extremely acquired taste. I have a good friend who absolutely loves it. His idea of a word processor is TextMate with the LaTeX bundle, or EMacs. While I can carry my own in markup languages, I really hate working that way. I want to see my output as I create it (which makes my a LyX devotee). Ditto for my blog posts. I want to watch them take form. So, like you, I’ll stick with Google Gears and Windows Live Writer (via VMWare).