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ManiaTV Shuts Down

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ManiaTV closed operations today, NewTeeVee has confirmed. The final shutdown was expected, as ManiaTV had publicly rushed to find a buyer in recent weeks. The urgency came due to an investor pulling out, according to our sources.

At least 15 employees were laid off last week, leaving only the management team. ManiaTV had previously cut 20 positions in October and seen significant attrition since then.

34 Responses to “ManiaTV Shuts Down”

  1. When you’re producing high quality content, it’s always going to cost money, so you need to keep overhead low, and spend your dollars on the content and the marketing. Salaries shouldn’t be high, period, until the company turns a profit. We’re trying our best with our horror web series, “Soul Fire Rising,” ( and we’re hoping it finds the right audience to help us grow bigger, but we are completely independent. No venture capital. It’s all coming out of my partners and my bank account.

  2. Wow, funny how everyone who worked for them,as I did, notes their incompetence. That and they still owe me money. Glad to see them go.

  3. Slick

    I worked at mania for a long time and I have to say that while the business itself was questionable, it was the people that made it worth me staying nearly two years. While they were task masters and I felt like a slave, I am also sorry that they collapsed cause there were so many good people there.

  4. Couple years back Mania offered me a producing salary of an astonishing 30K + “stock options” to come work with them. I laughed hard at that one. What kind of tv network develops 2-3 shows around Dave Navarro anyway? Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Dave Navvarro…

  5. jojo20

    Wasn’t he supposed to just be the interim CEO after he stabbed Massey in the back and convinced the board to oust him? What ever happened to them hiring a real CEO? At least Massey had the initial idea and vision. Heck, if Massey was so dumb why did they keep all the main manager pieces he brought in, even after the move to LA? He brought them in, not Hoskins. All Hoskins did was alienate them. Getting rid of Richard only helped to burn any bridges they could have used in LA. He would have been an asset after the moved to LA since he knew so many people in the industry, and once Clemente left you knew it was time to eject.

  6. I’m surprised it lasted this long. Incompetence at the top level was astonishing. They spent millions developing the application in several different technologies. At one point, they scrapped a 90% complete platform to switch from cutting edge Java technology to … wait for it … .NET!

    Hoskins was nearly impossible to work with. I have no idea who decided to put him at the helm, but they obviously liked his “no BS” style, despite a glaring lack of intellect. He was far more consumed with “getting the next win”, which typically culmated as bowling over smart engineers with good ideas, yelling maniacally at meetings, pushing around nerdy hardware tech-types, or other detrimental frat/jock type behavior.

    Exactly the personality type that you DON’T want babysitting your business investment.

    Monday-morning quarterbacking here, by a former 2 year employee.

  7. Oakside2004

    “HOSKINS” Oh yeah, wifey was there…like it or not. You know, just “helping” around the workplace. Anytime the “spouse” is enlisted to facilitate events, decorate the office or otherwise get involved with day to day work activities, trust me HUGE RED FLAG. No idea if she was on the payroll but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  8. Oakside2004

    JOHN: While you belittle people you don’t even know, it is obvious why you failed in business. Your attitude speaks volumes about you (and none of it good). From the wording in your post, it sounds like you and Hoskins would get along well…you know, one failed “manager” to another. When you run a business, like it or not, you bear a responsibility to all of those who CHOOSE to work for you. When you lie, cheat and otherwise burn all of your professional bridges with little or no regard to how it will impact the lives of those who work for you (as Hoskins and his inner circle did…repeatedly), it doesn’t matter how much “skin” you had in the proverbial game. I’d be willing to bet you’re a lot closer to this particular scam of a business (maniaTV) than you are admitting in your post. What other reason would you have to come to the defense of a jerk you don’t know while insulting hard working people you’ve never met?

  9. Hoskins

    I heard the CEO hired his wife as a “interior decorator” and then kept her on the payroll through 2 rounds of layoffs. So he was laying off producers and engineers but keeping his spouse on the books for 80K? If that is true and I was an investor I’d be furious.

  10. bob lobblaw

    The problem was mania had some smart people that the “management” never listened to. Having 20 somethings making decisions was the beginning of the end. Good news you don’t have to pay uneducated people much. Bad news you’re out of business. You made mistakes because of ego and vanity.


    It is sad to think that maniatv is out of business and cj-turtle is out of work.I have a pair of shoes that need shining and would be willing to pay 3 dollars to an unemployed mexican to get the job done.

  12. As a business owner/manager who was at the helm of a failed business. I can say it’s never easy. As hard as I tried to save the company and jobs – at my families expense – I was unable to. Interestingly, an employee I was loyal to till the end, became my enemy the second I could no longer afford to keep him on payroll. He had no skin in the game. He lost a job….I lost everything. That experience taught me something. As leaders, we will make mistakes, and sometimes blow it big time, but at least we play the game. Guys like Oakside, the screaming lunatics on the sidelines, that have never taken a risk in their lives, their not worth giving the time of day.

  13. Oakside2004

    WAYNE, no offense, but calling maniaTV programming “well produced” is a major stretch. While Hoskins and his inner circle of greedy incompetents pulled down nice paychecks, the entire company was run on a shoestring and it showed. While I don’t fault a staff who were clearly working under less than ideal conditions at a company run by a world class liar, maniaTV programming quality was about on par with a late night infomercial. What “vision” do refer to? The business plan built on rigged traffic numbers and false claims? The programming focus that kept changing like the wind? The complete lack of marketing and promotions? If that’s vision I’d rather be blind.

  14. David Guida

    Always sad to see people lose their jobs. Kind of a bummer to see a closure in the still-developing internet tv space, too. Long live!

  15. I would like to say from an objective point of view that ManiaTV did provide a great vision in the early years and even today the shows are produced well and I know from my own experience, that it takes a dedicated staff and crew as well as host, reporters and all those involved in the production end to come up with good quality content. I have followed the rise and it seems now the fall of of great concept that probally did not have the management to run a good company. TOO BAD TOO SAD and if anyone knows anyone we are always looking for good people, so far I have been blessed and just like to say for those who made ManiaTV programming good on you.

  16. bob lobblaw

    I worked their for a while. The management consisted of unqualified people who felt they knew the medium even if it was their first time in it. It was quite frustrating working in that environment. The staff/crew learned so much and will go on to better gigs. The managers leave with few skills if that.