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Flickr Opens Up, Adds HD

After a very restrained foray initial into video last year, photo-sharing site Flickr (s YHOO) announced today an expansion of its video program, opening it to all members and adding an HD option.

Previously, only Flickr pro account users (who pay $24.95 per year) could upload video, but now “free members can upload two videos per month, in addition to the 100MB monthly photo upload limit that’s already in place.”

Flickr also announced today that pro account users can now upload HD video, which makes sense for a site that was built to share high-quality images. So enjoy that HD, but not too much — HD uploads still have the 90-second, 150 MB limits.

Though it’s augmenting its video capabilities, Flickr still isn’t a video sharing site. The company launched the service a little under a year ago with a 90-second cap on video uploads, considering the clips “long photos.” Video wasn’t a welcome addition to the Flickr family at first, with many members looking down on the YouTube-like capabilities and 30,000 people joining anti-video groups on the service.