CSI Creator’s New Novel to Have a lonelygirl Twist

How simultaneously old school and cutting edge can you get? CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker’s next project is a crime novel called Dark Chronicles. But it’s not just a novel; it’s going to be a “digi-novel” (not an awkward name, no not at all) due to a partnership with EQAL, the lonelygirl15 web production company.

Purchasers of the book will get codes at the end of every five chapters that give them access to videos, audio files, and photos written, produced and directed by Zuiker. Other online content will include a blog, behind-the-scenes content, and a dedicated social network for fans. The book itself is being jointly written by Zuiker and an unnamed novelist.

We have to wait till Sept. 8 for all to be released, but so far Dark Chronicles sounds like a promising (if retro) way to combine online and offline worlds. If you think about it, books are the ultimate time-shifted and place-shifted content — so it’ll be interesting to see how a daily updated web site can have the right pacing (and lack of spoilers) for all readers’ participation.

EQAL has an ongoing partnership to produce and consult on content for CSI network CBS (s cbs), but that is separate from this project. It had previously been reported that CSI would be one of the first CBS shows “to get the EQAL treatment,” so it’s interesting that this separate Zuiker project launched first. Meanwhile, EQAL’s first announced joint project with CBS is an original TV and web show called Harper’s Island that’s supposed to launch this spring.

Both Zuiker and EQAL co-founder Greg Goodfried spoke at our NewTeeVee Live conference last November. See videos of their talks here and here.