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Could the Palm Pre Run on Verizon’s “Open Network”?

verizon-logoAfter some Palm Pre daydreaming this weekend, a thought suddenly hit me. Didn’t Verizon (s VZ) introduce an open, “any apps, any device” plan in late 2007? The premise was the ability to have Verizon certify a non-Verizon device for their network so that you could bring your own device. The Palm (s PALM) Pre will be a Sprint (s S) exclusive here in the U.S. through 2009, but it uses the same CDMA technology that Verizon uses. Could you buy a Palm Pre from Sprint and get it certified to work on Verizon’s network, I wondered?

Maybe that was more of a nightmare than a dream. Last year, there weren’t a ton of non-Verizon devices allowed on to the network, and most of those were business or vertical-market specific. I suspect the certification process is so long and arduous that it would be faster to simply wait for the Pre to become an official Verizon offering in 2010 or beyond.

Popular opinion when it comes to Verizon appears to be a “great network but poor devices” thought. The sad thing is: a carrier stands to increase voice and data revenues by allowing more flexibility with devices. They don’t have to subsidize the hardware, and they can still reap the benefit of increased plan revenues. Sounds like a winner to me. It also sounds like I’ll be using the Pre on Sprint’s network in 2009 or I won’t be using it all.

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  1. angelo

    Carriers depend on location. I live in San Diego where Verizon is really good and Sprint is horrendous. AT&t and Tmobile are decent. However, in some areas out of San Diego, my friends who have Tmobile or Sprint would have more bars and better call quality than me.

  2. I will never understand why cellular carriers insist upon making you buy some stupid branded phone. They’re all made by 3rd party manufacturers anyway! Just let us use any damn device we want! We’re paying you for phone and data service, not for the physical device through which we access it!

  3. oneAwake

    ‘IF’ Verizon allowed it, some features will not work. Verizon uses VZ Navigator, the GPS chip would be locked out, Telenav would not work. The feature within Synergy which sends a message to colleagues notifying them of your whereabouts via GPS will not work. The Amazon store will not work since Verizon uses their own music service and Verizon does not have a partnership with Amazon. In fact, Verizon does not have a partnership with most (if not all) of the companies onboard with the Pre. You will not be able to add any application designed to run on Verizons network. Also, to my understanding the Palm Pre will be running on enhanced Rev-A, with a future upgrade to Rev-B.

    I’ve noticed many sites mentioning the alleged “exclusive deal through 2009”. Let’s be clear, neither Sprint nor Palm have said ANYTHING, about an exclusive deal, they haven’t even released an official statement. In fact, Sprint said they will not comment on it. Besides, the original source which started all of this is unnamed and anonymous. Lastly, the so-called anonymous source did not mention anything about which other US carrier will “supposedly be getting the Pre. For all we know Sprint and Palm can simply extend the “alleged exclusive period.”

  4. Ignored_Stop_Sign

    In short answer, NO. Any device that competes with their retail presence, will be rejected.

    1) VZ has specifically said in their Open Terms and Conditions and webcasts (see their Open website), is that they will not accept devices that compete directly with their retail channel / presence. Meaning, you can not take a Motorola Razr, carrier unbranded or branded razr, and activate via their Open Network, through some intermediary (cause they won’t let you as the individual do it, you need to be an organization), because they sell the same product.

    2) everyone expects they will get the PRE, albeit, not until way into 2010.

    3) you are better off switching to Sprint since they are cheaper and have a great 3G network

  5. anonymous

    I’m switching from Verizon to Sprint. I was previously with Sprint. Verizon is not everything it’s cracked up to be. Verizon does not have the best phone selection. I don’t get any better reception at my home than I did with Sprint. (I’m getting Sprint’s femtocell which is much less expensive than Verizon’s and highly rated.) Verizon is overpriced. Sprint’s customer service has improved dramatically (I’ve been in their stores three times recently.)

  6. Pre Dawn

    I do not believe so.I has some device specific problems with my phone at first but i get great signal and clarity on my phone.The problem i had was no cool phones on Sprint,Pre solves thar. The Plans seem to be cheaper on Sprint also then most other networks.Mine is the SERO plan with 500 anytime,unlimited text,nights and weekends,internet,mobile to mobile,tv,radio all for ony $30 a month =)..Probably won’t be able to get that but many can easiy get 25% off monthly charge a number of ways Corporate discounts for many many national companies abound and also discounts for credit unions,etc….just got a friend 25% off his plan which used to be 59.99 he calld and talked them down to 39.99 and now i got him 25% off so his ends up being $30 a month also.