Clearleap Makes TV Content Management Easy as PC

Atlanta startup Clearleap let it be known today that its TV content management services are ready for the market. In fact, they’re already being tested in certain markets, the company just won’t say which and with whom.

clearleapClearleap’s products help content owners and satellite, cable and IPTV operators bring all sorts of programming — from their own archives to time-sensitive content to web videos — together, along with dynamically managed ad inventory. The output is up to each customer, and could be a linear channel, a live stream, or VOD. Meanwhile, on the backend, Clearleap makes sure the content works with new set-top boxes and formats as they come on the market. The idea is to have TV programming become as easy as web content management.

Clearleap charges service fees for use of the product as well as incremental costs for the number of ads delivered.

If the company takes off, it’s possible it could provide web video creators an easy way to make their work available to traditional television operators. But that’s a ways off.

Clearleap has $12.3 million in debt and equity funding from Silicon Valley Bank, Trinity Ventures and Noro-Moseley. Competitors include BlackArrow on the ad-delivery side and ActiveVideo Networks on the content side.