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Adobe and Time Warner Partner; HBO Flash Site On the Way

Adobe (s ADBE) and Time Warner (s TWX) are announcing Tuesday they have formed an online video alliance. It’s unclear exactly what that means, but the two companies say they’ll work on finding solutions for issues like digital rights management, audience measurement and content discovery and monetization.

However, it’s a pretty good time to get tied up with Time Warner. In an interview in Ad Age Monday, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes outlined some of his plans to give online access to cable content for subscribers. The Adobe partnership applies specifically to Time Warner properties Turner Broadcasting System, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Home Box Office (HBO).

Much of the relationship will concern back-end technology for video creation that that the public will never see, Adobe told us, however some implementations are already out there today — for instance, CNN’s advanced application of Flash for its Obama Inauguration coverage and the recently relaunched

What excites me most is one cryptic statement embedded in the announcement: “HBO will soon relaunch making extensive use of the Adobe Flash Platform.” Streaming HBO shows? Sounds like it’s actually happening!

12 Responses to “Adobe and Time Warner Partner; HBO Flash Site On the Way”

  1. Hi,

    why are nbc, fox, cbs and mtv networks so much more open with their content even when they also have subscription content?

    Oh yeah, because it’s good to experiment, and they’ve learned that not only do they make additional revenue online, and not lose viewers, but also that if they make “fregal” access too hard, then those users will just access through easier paths in front of complex technology.

    The HBO site, even for things like Real time was, until recently, a complete joke for the lack of official content, even for really old material -if a viewer can’t find something on the official site, where do they think they’re going to go/search next?

    Jeffrey Bewkes thinking about a co-sub access model, from his position in the industry, is actually, if annoyingly for everyone else, genius, and logical.
    However, it’s actually what’s already happening (for years) in the UK and What BskyB is planning on expanding even more comprehensively soon.

    If Time-Warner was to look beyond specific distribution infrastructure, and narrow legacy geographic thinking, and direct relationships with its viewers, it could add $100’s millions of additional revenue from ads and subs from those viewers across the world who obviously appreciate the appeal of that vast companies value and content.

    Yours kindly,

    Shakir Razak