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Industry Moves: Schiller Leaves Glam To Head Sales For Comcast Interactive

Industry vet Scott Schiller is joining Comcast Interactive Media (NSDQ: CMCSA) as SVP-advertising sales, responsible for Fancast, Fandango, and Plaxo. Schiller is leaving ad network Glam Media, where he was promoted to EVP-global marketing last September. Schiller will be based in New York but will build a national sales network; he will report to Chuck Davis, EVP of CIM and CEO of Fandango. His portfolio does not include recently acquired DailyCandy or the behnoth of the group, Release.

Schiller, a co-founder of the Internet Advertising Bureau, told our EconWomen audience last fall that he saw room to grow display advertising even in a bad market: “As a medium, we haven

13 Responses to “Industry Moves: Schiller Leaves Glam To Head Sales For Comcast Interactive”

  1. smallvoice

    What a bunch of bs! This guy has been fired from every job he has had in ad sales. I remember him at AOL as a suit that did nothing after he was fired by Disney. When I heard he was going to Glam to run sales, I thought buyer beware, wouldn't last long. Nice guy, but one of the worst sales managers I have worked for.

  2. From venture perspective, Glam has to reduce the number of executives in this market. Starting with Sequoia, Accel, DFJ, KP, Benchmark have all told their management to reduce burn rate, even in their top growth companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Glam. Every downturn needs companies to clean house and someone as senior as Schiller is a luxury for a startup in a marketing role.

  3. Scott's a good guy, did wonders for Glam, and Comcast is lucky to get him. I do not believe he's taken a step back as one poster said, an SVP at Comcast trumps an EVP at Glam. Scott understands sales, and he's good at it. Scotty, who's running hell?

  4. Eric Estrada

    Bien Hecho Sr. Schiller. You did well for Glam and they love and support you for that. As a developer and builder, it was time for you to move on and conquer new obstacles.
    I am looking forward to see what you do with Comcast. I use fandango and daily candy all the time. Great move scott. I think comcast is similar to NYtimes, in that they understand the online space. Make it happen my friend.

    Keeping it comcastic!

  5. stevesl

    Great move for Scott. Just what Comcast needs. Totally agree that Scott really put Glam on the map revenue wise and is one of the pioneers of online advertising from early days at Sony then to Disney then AOL. Consistent with his track record, should be a winner for Comcast as Scott knows how to put together a team, get the dollars in the know, and raise the visibility of a media brand.

  6. Scotty is a great guy and did good for Glam. Helped build them from an unknown tiny company to the top 10 players in media. Comcast needs someone like him as they are just starting their online sales efforts. He does great in earlier stage companies that need help in defining their strategy and sales- and should do well at Comcast. Scooter helped put Glam on the map, and can now take his talents to somewhere else that really needs him. Good for Glam they had someone like him that early, good for Comcast, good for internet ad sales and good for Scotty. Best to wish them all well!!!

  7. sounds more like he and some other top execs were politely made redundant or asked to think like a re-startup @glam, kinda like the posts last week on "if i am going to be let go, i'd like to be fired by carol bartz @yahoo." strong leaders manage transitions needed.

  8. @jenkins. Sorry to disappoint you but no, things are going well at Glam and in the publishers network. They are serious about saving money and cleaning house and that is really good for publishers.

    Was at the annual Glam Publisher Fashion Week suite event in New York last week. The buzz was that Glam is "bucking the trends," and we publishers are pretty happy we are with Glam in this market as most of the other networks are not growing or paying. We have a strong community and talk all the time so the signs would be here first.

  9. This was needed for Comcast given they have bought so many sites with no apparent strategy- Fancast, Fandango, DailyCandy and others? Looks like Schiller was moved to a less desirable marketing role in the downturn at Glam from ad sales in their last reorg, and Comcast gets him back in sales. The the reduction in executive salary that Glam announced is helping them get lighter at the top? Another sign that that along with growth, being profitable is important for startups. Like Yahoo and AOL, Glam should focus down and keep their team to the essential.