Top 10 Tech Companies That Pay Engineers The Most

engineerspayBefore I left for India, I asked folks at, a Sausalito, Calif.-based company that that tracks employee satisfaction, to run a custom query for me. I wanted to find out which 10 publicly traded companies had the best pay packages for their engineers. Whenever we have a slump here in Silicon Valley, there is an exodus from startups to more established players. Opportunities are almost always there for engineers. Sure, hiring is going to slow down β€” even at large companies β€” but engineers are almost always in demand.

It’s hardly a surprise that Google (s GOOG) is leading the pack, but the composition of the top 10 is pretty interesting. It’s good to see the old stalwarts, especially chipmakers (who are facing some seriously tough times), are staying competitive. Too bad their stocks aren’t doing so well β€” but then, what do they say about buying low? :-) I am surprised, however, by the absence of Cisco Systems (s CSCO) and Intel (s INTC).

Rank Employer Avg Salary Avg Bonus Avg Total Pay
1 Google $106,666 $42,759 $149,425
2 Synopsys $118,908 $15,189 $134,096
3 Broadcom $115,093 $15,023 $130,116
4 Xilinx $114,996 $11,779 $126,775
5 Yahoo $114,280 $12,441 $126,721
6 KLA-Tencor $110,227 $15,611 $125,838
7 Sun Microsystems $118,358 $7,356 $125,714
8 Intuit $107,740 $16,349 $124,089
9 Vmware $100,817 $19,768 $120,585
10 NVIDIA $112,291 $8,095 $120,386