5 Inspirational Workspaces


Later on this year, when my lease expires, I’m going to move to a bigger place with a bigger home office. I’ll be building an office that suits me perfectly. Ideally, I am looking to build an office that has plenty of desk space for me to work on, lots of light, plenty of storage (both shelves and drawers) and I’d like a place to work that looks nice, too.

With that in mind, I’ve been collecting some great workspaces from the web to use as inspiration for when I build mine, and I thought I would share some of them.

7301 Ava Ln’s Minimal Desk and Storage

7301 Ava Ln Minimal Space

7301 Ava Ln Workspace

This loft workspace has been put together using some Ikea components,  but the end result is nothing like a common Ikea desk. I especially like the large desk, clean lines and the little under-desk storage shelf. The style really suits the loft, too. This probably doesn’t have enough storage for me, though.

Erin Doland’s Workspace

Erin Doland's Workspace

Erin Doland's Workspace

Erin Doland is the editor-in-chief of the excellent organization blog, Unclutterer. I really like the amount of shelf storage here, but I think I would prefer a bit more desk space. I also would like a space that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Rambling Renovators’ Office Space

Rambling Renovators' office space

Rambling Renovators' office space

I think this space is just about perfect. This is another custom desk built from Ikea components. I love the amount of storage space here and the interior design is great. There’s a huge amount of working desk area, too. The problem with this kind of office, with a corner desk, is that it requires a reasonably big room to house it all in.

(via Ikeahacker)

Adam Pash’s Cordless Workspace

Adam Pash's Cordless Workspace

Adam Pash's Cordless Workspace

While there’s nothing particularly outstanding about this space (I even have that same Ikea desk in storage), the effort to reduce the amount of disturbing clutter by hiding the cables out of sight has resulted in a much tidier space, which is very pleasing to the eye. I will invest considerable effort in making sure that cables are hidden away in my new office.

Espace Mobile Austrian Home Office

Espace Mobile office

Espace Mobile office

Finally, I think if I could pick any space for my home office this would be it! According to Weburbanist, this is a prefabricated house located in the Austrian countryside. It would be great to have a huge office like that, with light and views out over the mountains.  Unfortunately, that kind of property is not available here in Bristol; I would still like to get an office with lots of natural light, though.

Have you seen an inspirational workspace? What do you think makes a great ofiice?



I love the third office area, down. Very bright and cheery!

We took our smallest bedroom which is a 12×15; and turned it into an office. We took the doors off of the closet area; and have made that a shelving unit with LOTS of storage!

My husband also built me an L-shaped desk with cabinets and shelving above the longest part of the desk.

He also built me a huge book shelf unit along one wall that is 6-feet long and 8-feet high!! It is awesome!

I would love to see pics of your new office, once completed!


Unfortunately, my space is limited.
My ‘space’ houses my small desk, ergonomic chair, and a shelf of all my reference books.

My ‘space’? A medium sized closet.

Meryl Evans

Photography from travels indeed lighten up a room. My eye doctor has his in the patient rooms and they always give me chills. Alas, I’m not a good photographer, so I have to go with someone else’s art. One artwork represents the city of Fort Worth where I was born and bred. The other has hubby and my name in art.

Simon Mackie

@Chris that sounds amazing, I’m jealous!

@Meryl Actually, I didn’t mention what to put on the walls; that’s a good point. I like to have some of my own photography from my travels on the walls. Helps to remind me of where I’ve been and what I’m working for in the first place :)


Nice place.. Hope to have that kind of workplace too. Soon!

Meryl Evans

I love these — inspiring indeed. No bigger space for me… we’d have to sell and move. I have an L-shaped wooden desk against two walls with built in drawers plus a couple of small cabinets next to them. Then a portable desk facing the third wall (doors with windows that face the front hallway), a book shelf to my right and a closet to my left.

It works well in making the most of the small space. It’s comfy. Got art, certificates, degree and awards on walls.


I have a huge window overlooking the Chena River here in Fairbanks, Alaska. We see boats and jet skis in the summer, dog teams and snowmobiles in the winter. It’s really pretty hard to beat, especially when you’re assigned to write about how cool Fairbanks can be. Those visuals seem to make the job easier.

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