Tatango to Wawaste-o Its Tatime-o With Live Video


As mobile startup Tatango closes in on a second round of funding it has decided to increase its transparency by live-casting the “inter-workings of the company.” I think they meant “inner-workings,” but who needs to spell when your company has a sweet basketball court built into your office? (High-five! Good one, bro!) Here’s the trailer explaining what’s up.

This video is like a time machine. Only a really sucky one because it transports you to 1999, distilling every arrogant, money-wasting, boneheaded cliche from the last tech bubble into a minute and 10 seconds while making it all look like a rejected episode of The Hills.

Sure, the move may be about transparency, but from the looks of it, all investors will see is a bunch of frat guys chugging Red Bull and shooting hoops (dunking is prohibited). The company could have awesome technology (ask Robert Scoble, he makes an appearance in the video), but I can’t imagine anyone tatuning in to check it out.


Eric Pratum

Whether this fizzles and goes nowhere or generates decent viewership, the folks at Tatango will definitely learn something from it. I seriously doubt this will be really big, but I also doubt it will be a huge flop.

More than likely, it will serve as a conduit for their passionate cheerleaders to get just a little bit closer to them and as another way for the uninitiated to be introduced to their service. The folks at Tatango know that exposure to new audiences on the web is partially about volume of message and not just content of message. We can all judge for ourselves whether or not they have quality content in their message, but would you argue that this does not help them increase volume and therefore exposure?

Daniel Brusilovsky

I think this is a great idea because it blocks the barriers for investors to see what their investments are really doing. Wish Tatango the best of luck!


This Billy Madison clip sums up my reaction to the video:

Why do so many start-ups have the strange desire to produce video content like this? It would have been entertaining to be a fly on the wall; when the decision makers were discussing giving this concept a green light. “Dude, the video will go viral and help us acquire more users!! For sure!”

John Washam

Why so negative on this idea? Instead of bashing it, why not give them some constructive criticism on what could make the idea better? People who critique all day and never offer anything better are way worse off than the people actually trying to do something. Geez.

Scott Pierce

I’m still trying to get the gist from the headline. There’s no time and resources being wasted by having three wireless cameras running themselves. It’s not like they’re getting a VH1 crew in there disrupting their lives. From the product site, you can tell they work hard providing a service.

And, gauging by the feedback in other articles, there are people that at worst are cheering their efforts, even if it doesn’t change the world.


“…all investors will see is a bunch of frat guys chugging Red Bull and shooting hoops…”

I think you need to do more research on the Tatango team.

Neno Brown

If they have a killer differentiator, this could be a winner, but with the rate of pace in the video areana, how long before diffusion sets in.

Good luck to them, will look out for Tatango in the future, lets hope they hav’nt been Tango’d.

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