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Garyvee: After Wine Comes Women

Larger-than-life online video personality Gary Vaynerchuk has gone from wine red to hot pink for a new original production, Obsessed. A long-form interview show focused on women’s lifestyle topics, Obsessed is hosted by home how-to writer Samantha Ettus, with guests like “the greatest floral designer of our time” (name: Preston Bailey). TechCrunch has more details.

Vaynerchuk, who has become an online marketing phenomenon in the three years since Wine Library TV launched, isn’t yet starting his own umbrella production studio, but rather collecting a set of properties (he appears at the end of every Obsessed episode to talk about wine). He co-owns the property with Ettus, and it’s produced by

What’s interesting is Vaynerchuk — who sells plenty of wine, don’t you worry about him — had previously come under the roof of online video studio Revision3, only to be dropped when that company reorganized last year. Now he’s looking to run the empire himself.