Does CBS’s Streaming App Guarantee Sling’s App Store Approval?


tv-com-iphoneTelevision content on my phone is something I’ve long enjoyed, mostly through my SlingBox (s SATS). Unfortunately, since moving to an iPhone, I’ve had to rely on YouTube for most videos, although I did give my Orb setup a stint as well. The CBS (s CBS) network here in the U.S. has an answer for iPhone owners with their free application. It streams clips and full-length episodes of popular programs such as the CSI franchise, “The Big Bang Theory”(my fave), “How I Met Your Mother”, “Star Trek” and more. doesn’t just offer headline CBS content: You’ll find shows from The CW, Showtime and CNET TV as well. Navigation is easy and the content opens up in the iPhone’s QuickTime viewer application.

I couldn’t test the app on 3G since I have a first-gen iPhone, but it works fine over Wi-Fi. EDGE works as well, but just like the experience with EDGE and YouTube, the quality isn’t as good and it takes time to get going as the video queues up.

This free access to CBS content is great, but ultimately, I want total control over my mobile viewing habits. That’s where my SlingBox comes in. We’ve heard for a while that SlingPlayer for iPhone was in the works, but I just saw the first mention of when. By the end of March, the application should be submitted to Apple (s AAPL) for inclusion in the iTunes App Store, according Contentinople.

I used to think that it didn’t have a chance for approval, since Apple is in the content-selling business. After all, they get a piece of the pie whenever someone purchases television content through iTunes. Now that is in the App Store, I think that argument goes away completely. The only question left, in my mind, is: Does Apple have any remote streaming plans for its Apple TV that would preclude Sling software approval?

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Kevin C said:
“I’ve had to rely on YouTube for most videos, although I did give my Orb setup a stint as well”

I really don’t think you gave Orb a stint at all, or probably gave it up as too difficult to set up.

I say this because I have been watching live TV and movies off my home Television and my Sky DigiBox (in the UK) since before Xmas 2008 using Orb on my XP Media Center PC with a video capture card to stream anything I like to my (non-jailbroken) iPhone 3G (running OrbLive app)while away from home, and also to my work PC (using Orb MyCast running in a Web browser).

Although this works best (and quite easily) over Wi-Fi, streaming is also possible over 3G, though less reliable.

An ingenious combination of USB gadget + software on my PC (and connected to my Sky Sat box) called the DuSky Controller allows me via VNC or LogMeIn to remotely change channels on my DigiBox as well.

SlingPlayer may find that it has arrived too late to the game when it finally deploys on the iPhone…

Kevin C. Tofel

Unless you’re using the remote webcam support in Orb to watch me, I’m not sure how you know what I’ve tried or not. ;) I’m not suggesting Orb is a bad solution. On the contrary, I’ve pointed it out several times since I started using it in 2005. At this point (for me) my Slingbox is a better solution for streaming media simply because it’s integrated in my home theater setup. The HTPC I built was retired to the kids some time ago. If Orb is the best solution for you, that’s great! I didn’t try it or it’s too complicated? Simply a baseless and silly claim.

Dave Zatz

Sumocat, a live video stream is different than a progressive file download you can watch. PS The PRO-HD, perhaps other units, CAN output H.264…

Agree with Lee – clips are ridiculous.


I don’t know why they don’t just make their web videos iPhone-compatible like NBC does. I watch clips of The Office (including their web-exclusive material), 30 Rock, and SNL on my iPhone all the time. No app approval needed.


I think that the app is a step in the right direction, but the app itself is not really that great. There are few full length episodes – although you can see a lot of Star Trek and MacGuyver. I don’t want to watch 2:00 minute or less clips from various shows – which amounts to nothing more then a commercial for their show. I can most likely see the same thing on YouTube if I want.

Either open it up to Sling, or charge me a fee, but let me watch a whole show. The 2:00 clips are just not worth the time.

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