comScore: Google Surpasses 6B Streams in January


Though comScore hasn’t officially released its numbers yet, Hulu was kind enough to share its copy of the VideoMetrix data for January (hence Hulu being highlighted in the chart below). But the big story from the numbers is Google/YouTube (s GOOG), which lept to 6.3 billion videos streamed in January, up from 5.9 billion in December. GoogTube also added another 1.7 million unique viewers to hit 101.8 million, up from a little more than 100 million in December.


While Hulu’s overall streams were up roughly 10 million in January, hitting more than 250 million streams, the site dropped more than 120,000 unique viewers between December and January.

And as we saw yesterday with Nielsen’s January numbers, Turner got a nice boost from Obama’s inauguration (thank you, CNN online video coverage) on comScore’s rankings as well, serving nearly 196 million streams in January, up from nearly 184 million in December, and its uniques reached 22.9 million, up from roughly 20.5 million in December.


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