Comcast Customers, Check Your Webmail Settings


We got an email from an upset former Comcast (s cmcsa) customer today who discovered a whole bunch of his emails were deleted as a result of the ISP changing its webmail application to Zimbra. According to the reader, now that Comcast is using Zimbra, email left in a user’s inbox gets deleted after 30 days if they haven’t changed the automatic settings.

So for those of you who leave their read mail in the inbox rather than file it to folders or download it to another email platform, if you change your settings (options range from deleting mail after 1 day all the way to never), you shouldn’t experience the same problem.  Our reader is upset (which is why he’s now a former customer) that Comcast didn’t make the settings more obvious, but he told us so we can tell y’all. Check your settings.


andy from Oz

I have comcast …Does not always work with XP..Lets you login but shuts down when you try to access your mail…..I would advuse people to us hotmail or juno…never had a problem with them…..


I can’t get into my email offsite at all. What do I do?

Leona Freeman

I just wanted to know, I added another email address to my computer and wanted to know if I will still get all my comcast emails at the new address as a back up e-mail, or will it only last a few days? Please reply to this question.
Thank you,
Leona Freeman

Roberta Swenson

I do not like the new system of getting email, either.I can’t always depend on it opening up for me. The former system was far less complicated. I try to get most of my emails through Yahoo.

Ann Daly

I can’t get into my e-mail. As soon as I press on it,it goes to a blank page.For about 1/2 a sec it has a red line that says click here,but it pops off to fast so I get a blank page. Evrything else on my computer is working but this. What is wrong?

God Damn

Comcast is learning from Microsoft.

“We do not care what you want or don’t want. You will take what we give you and like it”.

I had no need for their stupid ‘upgrade’. But do I have a choice? No.

This is why I do not use their stupid email system now.

I transferred all my email traffic to gmail.

Comcast can kiss my ass!


i would like to transfer all my comcast email to gmail also. is there a fast way to accomplish this? aside from sending them one at a time, i don’t know any other way. thank you for any advice.

nice try

Yes nice see them updating their system. I still prefer Gmail with Instant message and voice chat features. I live in my Gmail, never close it.

Screen Sleuth

Comcast seems to enjoy making changes without telling customers much in depth about the changes (like this one). The new MailCenter is slick and very Outlook-like, though.


As John points out above the setting for this is under the preferences tab, with a variety of options including never. This is the same as it was on the older email platform. The same preferences from before were also carried to the new system. To assist our Customers in learning about the Smartzone platform, we have created the following tutorial:

If this Customer would like further assistance, please ask her to email my team.

Thank you!

Frank Eliason


I noticed this too. Its true. I always get my email from the server through POP, and one day decided to go on the actual web server, and all my older emails were deleted. Found that a setting was turned on to delete them.

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