Blog Post Beats Hulu To The Punch With iPhone App, International Access

imageBuilding on the momentum from its relaunch of last month, *CBS* Interactive has rolled out a iPhone app, and opened up some of the site’s video clips to international viewers. The developments give two distinct advantages over rival Hulu — as Hulu currently has no dedicated mobile offering, and its content is accessible in the U.S. only.

It could add more stress to the already strained relationship between the two: last week, the companies traded barbs over Hulu’s decision to pull all of its content from because of a clash over online programming and distribution rights (in-depth details on that soap opera here).

Get your on the go: The free app lets users watch clips of everything from CSI, to The L Word, to vintage Star Trek; it also takes advantage of the iPhone’s motion-sensor, as users can shake the phone to get a random clip to show up. iPhone owners have always had access to all kinds of video, both from YouTube and third-party apps like Joost (which already offered some *CBS* content), but the app greatly increases the volume of full-length, premium content available. If it catches on, the pressure will be on networks like Fox, ABC, and, of course, NBC, to launch their own dedicated mobile-video offerings. And, as the NYT notes, the TV networks won’t be the only players under pressure: once iPhone users start streaming long-form video en masse, it will increase the strain on AT&T’s data network — which could mean higher data subscription plan costs.

Short-form content outside the U.S. for now: Currently, international viewers can only access snippets of CBS (NYSE: CBS) News programming, and older shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and MacGuyver; Anthony Soohoo, SVP of CBSI’s entertainment and lifestyle division, told Contentinople that the company was working on securing the international rights for more long-form content.