Japan's Softbank Cuts iPhone Price As Sales Flag


imageEven before the iPhone launched in Japan, there was strong debate over whether or not the gadget could succeed in a market saturated with high-end feature packed cell phones. Now we



I am now on my third IPHONE in six months. They simply stop having the ability to dial. Support in these instances runs from poor to very bad at Softbank. Try using the IPHONE while roaming the world on global business and watch your bank account evaporate. Softbank has the worst global plan of any provider in Japan. SB is fine for house wives and students but forget them for serious business use. I cannot wait for someone else to pick up the Iphone in Japan. For now my docomo BlackBerry Bold will do as the main line to my business world. All of these comments are coming from a die hard mac guy who had high hopes for the device.

Do not waste your time or money on a device that acts so windows like when loaded with poorly written apps that are not engineered to work together. The poor battery life of the device alone is enough to run away from it !!!!!!


I like my new iphone but it's awkward when I can't send / receive pictures or addresses to my friends by infra red like everyone else in Japan. I cant do the barcode cupons for movie rental discounts, etc, My screen is not as nice, my phone is huge and not sturdy, My camera works and looks ok to people but it doesnt compare well to any of my friends phone cameras. I bought my iphone for a specific purpose (typing in English and learning J) and I'm very pleased so I play all that down, of course. I just don't see iphone making much ground based on the apps they sell – non users will never know and they don't care. Did I mention I don't have tv or phone wallet either? $100 is the right price for an extra 8GB here. $0 for 8GB phone is not cheap. it's competitive. Hang in there iphone!


In Asia the data plan is a sure kill for any smartphone, it very expensive and all asian countries' telcos don't have the unlimited wireless data plan.

The problem of the iPhone is it must be tied to a limited wireless data plan in addition to a contract whereas for the other brands a person can sign up for a contract with a telco without having to sign up for a wireless data plan.

John Davis

Japanese don't lack attention span for things they want to do. They've got the phones they want and don't see any need to change. I'd be willing to bet that what most Japanese cell phones get used for is texting. And they can do that on handed. With an iPhone you need to use two hands. Apart from that, Japanese are so conservative, it's unbelievable.

Constable Odo

Pffft. Heck of a lot of good Aya Ueto did in boosting iPhone sales. None. Maybe Softbank should have gone with Nanako Matsushima, instead. I guess it wouldn't have mattered who they got to push the iPhone. It was doomed to failure from the start. Promoting things in Japan must be very tough. There's always so much competition and the Japanese don't have much of an attention span for any product.

Jamie Poitra

Japan is such an interesting market for phones. I used a Japanese phone that a friend brought back after being stationed there for awhile. Out of every phone he's ever had its by far his favorite. And even though it was just a midrange phone the thing is built like a tank. That said if anyone has a chance there then Apple does. It may end up being more niche of a market but niche markets are kind of par for the course in Japan aren't they?

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