Yahoo CFO to Leave

blake_jorgensen_thumbThe executive shakeup at Yahoo (s YHOO) continues. Blake Jorgensen, Yahoo’s chief financial officer, will leave the company, according to an SEC filing made this morning.  Yahoo said it has initiated a search for a new CFO and that Jorgensen will remain with the company through a transition period.

Update from Om: Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz talks about changes at Yahoo in a blog post, which apart from the colorful use of the phrase, Kick Ass, doesn’t really say anything. I don’t get this CEO urge to pretend blog. On Blake’s departure, I wonder if he was nudged out because of his comments at an investor conference about a possible deal with Microsoft.  UBS Research points out that:

…the decision reflects new CEO Carol Bartz’s desire to put her stamp on the senior leadership at YHOO and may also reflect her preference for a CFO with more of a financial management/technology background vs. Mr. Jorgensen’s Wall Street/Investment  Banking experience. At Autodesk, Ms. Bartz’s CFO, Alfred Castino, held a CPA, had a background as CFO of publicly-traded technology firms Virage and Peoplesoft, and had prior experience in the finance departments at Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard.