What one thing would you change on your phone?


cellphone_0120004992It’s Thursday vent time and here’s your chance to share what one thing you don’t like about your phone.  It doesn’t matter what phone you’re using or how you use it.  The question is, if you could change one single thing about your phone, what would that be and why?  It will be interesting to see if we’re all complete individuals in our needs/ wants/ tastes or if many of us start naming the same thing.  That would be good for those brainy folks who design phones to be aware of.  So let’s hear from you- what would you change and why?


Jordan Running

Just one thing? Wow. I also have an iPhone 3G and I’m torn between so many wishes, but the two that nag at me the most would be: faster and more stable. Let’s face it, this thing is slow and crashy.


More battery capacity.
I would sacrifice thickness in the device for this.

Jeff Jackson

HT Touch Pro:

I would fix the bug that causes it to not start ringing until the second or third ring.


I have the Touch Pro from VZW.
Actually I have a list of things I would change about this phone… However the biggest thing with this phone and most other phone of this caliber MORE BATTERY LIFE, would be the most amazing thing.

David M

iPhone G3.
When connecting to my ‘puter (G4 PowerBook/Intel Mac Mini), I wish it would show up as an external disk… like an iPod to transfer files and whatnot. Having to use iTunes or FTP is p00p.

Alex Whiteside

Nokia N95 8GB/5800: Battery life. It seems that battery technology is finally catching up with all the other stuff in our phones, hopefully week-long batteries will become a reality with “real” phones again and not just remakes of the 3330. ;)


HTC Advantage:

Better bluetooth – my old Nokia would connect to my B/T headphones from 200 feet away. I am lucky to get 10 feet with the Advantage.

Other than that, its perfect


iPhone 3G: proper nav, copy/paste, video calling, background apps/notifications…

Windows Mobile: new media player, web browser,


one thing i would change about my phone is that i would have the palm pre lol

Michael P.

Have an iPhone 3G – I too would add a physical keyboard. As a former long-time Blackberry user, I do miss the ability to quickly type out a message. The on screen keyboard is just a pain. Also, I would add a unified e-mail client like the Blackberry.

John in Norway

Nokia E90 – it’s perfect! Seriously though, I’d like a better way of moving around documents – a touch screen would be nice on the inner screen.


T-Mobile G1. Better battery. I have thought this about every phone I have ever owned. How cool would a month long charge be? The G1 isn’t as bad as my Nokia N95 was when it first launched. Thank god for firmware updates – lets just hope the G1 gets some power saving tweaks!


A flip-up cover for the “send” key on my Wing–a cover like the kind the military puts over missile launch buttons. It’s a little embarrassing to call your boss at 3:00 a.m.


I would like to have all phones unlocked. I hate having to spend extra money unlocking my handset. Especially if you travel abroad, and want to use local SIMS.


I have the HTC addvantage. I would change it so that it would be like a laptop tablet pc like the htc universal. To be able to rotate the screen and close it would be great. That is the only thing I would change. htc please bgring back that desing. I really don’t want a slide out keypad.


Mms for iPhone, video record for iPhone, better cam for iPhone and tethering for iPhone. Oh wait I already have with my jail broken iPhone, nevermind.

Miles M.

Sanyo SCP-6600 Katana. MicroSD memory slot. Without expandable memory, I can’t add anymore apps or take more than a few photos — they don’t fit anymore.


The dictatorial control of Steve Jobs over what people are allowed to do with their iPhone.


(1) a payment plan to get truly unlimited calling (to anyone) and data for a decent monthly price ($50-$100 a month).

(2) making my phone use java instead of BREW or whatever the hell stupid thing it uses.


I would change the attitude of US wireless carriers :|

Especially about texting.


Make it so I can apply firmware upgrades without losing phone functionality.

I’m on an unlocked iPhone 3G from AT&T, in Canada.


Iphone. Slim slider keyboard +1
I would almost settle for landsape email.
Legally unlocked, bigger fonts in mail and safari, syncing stickies and a camera flash would be nice too. :) (sorry – got carried away).


I’d stop the providers locking us out of functionality, eg VZW and the GPS thing and us poor BB Bold users on AT&T who cankt set our wifi to be preferred over 3G like Rogers can


I have the 3G Iphone too, and would like to see a front camera Added for Ichat


I would make changes with the service providers – I hate paying $50-plus every month for basic voice, no data and horrible customer service.

You can make changes to phones all you like, but if the service provider makes using your phone a nightmare, any new technology is just an expensive joke.


I would swap the decline/answer buttons as a lefty I almost without fail touch decline on every call I get.

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