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Nielsen: Total Video Streams Top 10 Billion

Nielsen released its January VideoCensus data today, reporting that total video streams over the course of the month crossed the 10 billion mark, and the overall number of unique viewers surpassed 135 million. Thank you, President Obama, for live-streaming your inauguration.


As a point of comparison, comScore (which includes things like embedded videos in its count) had its own 10 billion video milestone in December of 2007.

After only slight gains from November to December, Nielsen had YouTube kicking things up a notch, with 5.8 billion streams and 92 million unique viewers in January, up from 5.5 billion streams to 84 million people in December.

Hulu came back strong in January serving up more than 232 million streams to 7.2 million unique viewers, after a slight dip in December when it served up 216 million streams to 6.6 million uniques.

CNN looks like it capitalized on the Obama boost, as traffic surged to 152 million streams to 5.6 million unique viewers, up from 95.5 million streams to 8.3 million uniques in December.


We’ve been anticipating the January stats since Obama’s inauguration was such an event. Now the question is whether anything will top it this year.