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Geekout: Sun, Second Life & Green Data Centers

sunsecondlife6It’s the geekiest thing I’ve ever done: I just watched Sun Microsystems (s java) give a tour of its green data center designs in Second Life via a Ustream feed. Complete with Sun execs flying between data center designs, chuckling about their virtual outfits, and red (hot) and blue (cold) air flow designs emanating from the server gear, the media event lasted about 45 minutes. That was about 45 minutes too long (kidding!), as it was actually pretty hard to hear or understand what was going on. I’m going to wait for a “first life” tour in Santa Clara some day.

sunsecondlife7Nonetheless, we appreciate the effort and Sun has been making a big push to create innovations in designing data centers to be more energy efficient. Last month Sun said it had finished “the largest data center consolidation project undertaken in the company’s history,” with a new energy-efficient data center in Broomfield, Colo. The Colorado data center is one of at least five that Sun has spent around $250 million constructing in recent years, and at the same time reducing its data center square footage by 60 percent.

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