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Apple Could Partner With Verizon, Rack Up Sales

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verizon-logo-470x3101More rumors are making the rounds that Apple (s aapl) will soon be breaking up the sweetheart deal that has held until now with AT&T (s t) and do some seriously flagrant cheating with rival Verizon Wireless (s vz). Sources for the information are cited as “Apple deepthroats” by one outlet, which, while suitably mysterious sounding, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the accuracy of the information. That said, there are plenty of other reasons to suspect that this deal might be very real, not the least of which are the amazing gobs of cash Apple stands to rake in by tapping other providers.

There’s also the corroborating evidence that Apple has been looking specifically for EVDO-CDMA engineers, which is exactly the standard Verizon uses for its wireless network. This upcoming June it will also be exactly two years since the iPhone’s original release, which some said at the product’s launch was the term of the exclusivity deal between Apple and AT&T. Were Apple to announce Verizon availability alongside a new iPhone product launch in June, they would stand to sell a lot more handsets than if they stuck with AT&T, where many customers locked into long-term contracts might be unwilling to upgrade just yet.

If Apple invests in developing a CDMA version of the iPhone, they don’t only stand to gain in the U.S. market, either. International carriers like Bell and Telus in Canada also use the CDMA standard, and would jump at the chance to offer an iPhone since it would allow them to better compete with Rogers (and their subsidiary, Fido), which has seen tremendous gains since adding Apple’s little miracle worker to their lineup. Apple is such a contender in the smartphone arena that the breakdown of exclusivity could even lead to more competition among service providers in terms of data plan pricing, which benefits consumers most of all.

9 Responses to “Apple Could Partner With Verizon, Rack Up Sales”

  1. Bellaigodude

    Why can’t they make the Iphone GSM as well as CDMA. Blackberry did it.
    with the Storm. Maybe the should call it the Vphone. V for Verizon woohooo

  2. Mike James

    The USA article as well as other well placed sources say nothing re: “”“In exchange for its payout, AT&T got a year extension, into 2010, on its exclusive distribution deal with Apple, people familiar with the matter say””‘ Why do people spew false rumors esp. when clueless?

    The deal was for two years exclusivity, which runs out in June 2009. Aplle knows it could get a huge bump re: revenue by adding the number one (or #2) cell carrier.

  3. I would love for this to be true. With Verizon I know my area has pretty solid coverage. I’m not sure what I’d get with AT&T.

    What would this mean for Western Europe? Would my Verizon iPhone work anywhere over there?

  4. I hope this rumor is true. I would love to have an iPhone but not at the cost of switching back to AT&T. CDMA is also the standard used by my carrier Sprint. Oh and here’s hoping they also make a iPhone Pro version with a slide out physical keyboard in landscape orientation.