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Yahoo For Dummies: Ari, Hilary Gain; Blake Bails

imageFor all of the brash language from new CEO Carol Bartz, there still doesn’t seem to be anyone at Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) who knows how to yank off a band-aid in one quick pull — or to actually announce a reorg in a way that makes sense. We’ll do it for them.

Bartz’s direct reports for the new structure she promises will stay in place for a minimum of two years, include:

Ari Balogh, EVP Products and CTO, will head Products. (His reports would include Ash Patel, head of audience products, who is the next big candidate for will-he-stay-or-will-he-go speculation. Emphasis on the latter.)
Hilary Schneider, EVP, North America: Responsible for delivering products, programming and services to consumers, partners and advertisers.
TBD, EVP, International: Ditto.
Elisa Steele, CMO. A new role for a newcomer; she comes from NetApp, where Bartz is on the board. Her reports include Brand Marketing, Audience Marketing, Corporate Communications, Insights, Policy & Privacy, Community Affairs and related central teams.
TBD, CFO. The incumbent, Blake Jorgensen, is moving on.
Joel Jones, chief of staff.
David Windley, Chief Human Resources Officer (not new)
Michael Callahan, EVP, General Counsel and Secretary (not new)

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Other moves:

— As we reported earlier today, David Ko will succeed Marco Boerries as the global head of Yahoo Mobile. Despite the global title and responsibilities, he reports to Schneider.

David Dibble, SVP, heads the newly created Service Engineering & Operations (SE&O), responsible for delivering common technology services at scale and “keeping Yahoo! up and running smoothly around the clock.”

— An exec TBD will be hired to lead the new Consumer Advocacy group.

But contents may shift during flight. Bartz left room for more change: ” I know you guys have reorg fatigue. Hang in there

2 Responses to “Yahoo For Dummies: Ari, Hilary Gain; Blake Bails”

  1. The party is already coming to an end if they think Hillary Schneider is capable on making product decisions that can go up against Google. This is why Yahoo needs to sell the company asap!