Mark Cuban: Will Mobile Devices Replace Laptops?

imageAn interesting discussion over on our sister site, where Mark Cuban gave us permission to publish a post about the mobile future that first appeared on his Blog Maverick. An excerpt ( keeping Mark’s punctuation):

“I would love to be able to ditch my laptop and desktop and only have a single, pocket sized device. If I could carry my Sidekick or ITouch with me and when I set it on my desk, or even walk into a hotel room, it immediately makes a connection with my monitor or HDTV , my full size keyboard and either with a usb cable or wirelessly, lets me connect to a thumbdrive or some external hard drive. If by carrying this little device, a full computing environment could be recreated and I didnt feel like I was giving up something dumping my laptop and desktop, I would be its 1st lifetime customer. My digital and computing world would immediately be revolutionized.”

Is this your idea of computing nirvana? Mine includes a tablet-like device (with a keyboard) available in various places as a sort of dumb terminal that can become “mine” for the moment via a combo of my mobile device and cloud computing. I’d also want a synched copy of whatever I do on my home hard drive for those days when the cloud goes poof.


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