Mark Cuban: Will Mobile Devices Replace Laptops?

imageIf you’ve read about Mark Cuban, chances are you know that he’s a poster guy for connectivity. (You know all the boilerplate, too: owner of the Dallas Mavericks; co-owner, 2929 Entertainment, HDNet, Magnolia Pictures, Landmark Theatres; co-founder of, etc.) Here’s Mark’s take on the potential for mobile devices replacing his laptop and desktop, reprinted with his permission from Blog Maverick. The punctuation is all his; the formatting is ours.

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“I would love to be able to ditch my laptop and desktop and only have a single, pocket sized device. If I could carry my Sidekick or ITouch with me and when I set it on my desk, or even walk into a hotel room, it immediately makes a connection with my monitor or HDTV , my full size keyboard and either with a usb cable or wirelessly, lets me connect to a thumbdrive or some external hard drive. If by carrying this little device, a full computing environment could be recreated and I didnt feel like I was giving up something dumping my laptop and desktop, I would be its 1st lifetime customer. My digital and computing world would immediately be revolutionized.

With a 3G or 4G connection, I could dump my home internet connection. There would be no good reason to pay for wired broadband when wireless is doing the trick. No more desktop or laptop other than maybe to act as a fallback or backup to my mobile device. 90 pct of my applications are now web based and/or available to run on my Sidekick or ITouch already, so applications wouldn


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