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ManiaTV Cuts Half Its Staff To Entice Buyers, But Will It Be Enough?

Like we said last week, ManiaTV’s CEO Peter Hoskins is really eager to get the digital content studio sold as soon as possible — so eager that the compnany has laid off about half its remaining team, according to The Deal. This round of layoffs follows the studio’s staff cuts last October.

Hoskins told The Deal that 15 jobs were cut in this latest round, but it’s not exactly clear how many employees the studio now has left. ManiaTV said it had 50 employees after the October layoffs, and then hired six new sales, business-development and engineering execs to help get back on track. Some of those new hires have since left on their own, but the math still doesn’t add up. Meanwhile, Hoskins has continued to tell media outlets like us that the ad revenues were “absolutely” coming in.

24 Responses to “ManiaTV Cuts Half Its Staff To Entice Buyers, But Will It Be Enough?”

  1. A retraction from my previous comment. Peter Hoskins would never make the cut at In N Out and will likely be down the road at Burger King serving onion rings and working register on the night shift. Good luck Peter!! We wish you the best!!

  2. Mania TV had the most cancerous management department a company has ever seen. This was one of the creepiest groups of ego maniacal, self absorbed liars I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I wish them all success as In N Out shift managers which is where their "credentials" will take them.

  3. I would like to say from an objective point of view that ManiaTV did provide a great vision in the early years and even today the shows are produced well and I know from my own experience, that it takes a dedicated staff and crew as well as host, reporters and all those involved in the production end to come up with good quality content. I have followed the rise and it seems now the fall of of great concept that probally did not have the management to run a good company. TOO BAD TOO SAD and if anyone knows anyone we are always looking for good people, so far I have been blessed and just like to say for those who made ManiaTV programming good on you.

  4. Oakside

    INSIDER…as someone who had the pleasure of knowing some of those very people you correctly cite in your post, right on! While I can't comment on what things were like at the beginning, you are dead on accurate in your appraisal of said ego-maniac CEO. This is a guy who should NEVER be allowed near a company again, much less in a position of authority. Everything you say is true and then some. He is, by far, one of the most dishonest, disreputable and disgusting execs in the new media space. I only wish some of the fawning tech blogs and sites like Tubefilter and TV Week had actually looked into the lies he would spin in the press. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see none of them ever added up yet these sites regurgitated the lies as truth. As the old saying goes…he's a bad, bad man. How he goes home at night and faces his family is beyond me.

  5. Insider View

    Now that the train wreck is over, something should be pointed out. There were GREAT people who worked very hard for many years in the studios of maniaTV, from Denver and LA. There were many magical years, from launching the first ever live 24 hour webtv network, to launching a show from Tom Green's house, the Indie Music bus, Dave Navarros Spread and more. There was real magic there and they were pioneers. Then, unfortunately, an ego-maniac CEO took over and cast away those that didn't agree with him. He lied to his staff and made them look stupid in public. He lied to his customers and made them look bad. He disenfranchised the audience there to give maniaTV a shot. oh well, it was fun for a while.

  6. Oakside

    Looks like NO ONE is at maniaTV anymore from the story hitting the wire today. It's shutting down. Unless Hoskins wants to do another lie-filled interview like he has been doing since January to convince people otherwise. Of course, looking at his self-aggrandizing Twitter feeds, he could care less. What do people and lives matter when you can continue to run on the beach and act like you're the king of a kingdom that never existed?

  7. A Friend of MR

    To whomever is writing as MARKETING RON: please do not post comments that misrepresent who you really are. While your account of his experience at maniaTV is reportedly accurate, the real MR most assuredly has a thousand better things to do than post a silly comment like yours. While I suspect he would agree 100% with the astute observation from BILLYBOB, the real MR would probably find a more clever and colorful way to describe the colossal boob that is Peter H than the phony poser "Marketing Ron" was able to do here. While most of the maniaTV staff were reportedly very cool people, when the guy at the top is a toxic hack, the only thing to do is leave…fast. TOM, if your post is right, the Amber J's and Peter H's of the world are even more sad and pathetic than anyone ever imagined.

  8. Really Skeptical

    Michelle J – you have got to be kidding. So you bought media on ManiaTV and were able to see a true return on investment how? Assuming you are a true media buyer, you most likely had a brand to promote and bought many sites yet were able to see sales growth specifically from Mania. WOW! A true internet miracle that was not CPC or CPA based. Hopefully your client will see this and fire you tomorrow.

  9. skeptical

    Michelle J. if you are truly a media buyer, why would an advertiser buy ads on maniatv if you knew it was a mess? If you did and still bought ads on the site, I am surprised you still have a job.

  10. Michelle J. is most likely Amber J. who happens to work at ManiaTV and I guarantee you that Hoskins put her up to this comment. Just the way that he does things. That was his style since I left there over a year ago. The company was doomed then and has always been doomed since the only thing he could do was pass the blame. Wonder how much revenue he was actually responsible for personally bringing in over the years.

  11. Michelle J.

    I agree with the first comment, they are a good company. Hoskins saved it from the mess it was a few years back. I've been a repeat advertiser for some time now so they have been earning revenue from me.

  12. This bums me out because Mania had the right idea, just a little too early. I think they messed up by adding too many shows and not focusing around building a good audience base around what they offered. I wonder if they have a full service editing suite, production equipment and all that.

    I can't remember if they were funded. I'm surprised to see such a public effort to sell it and wonder what they have done thus far offline to try.