ManiaTV Cuts Half Its Staff To Entice Buyers, But Will It Be Enough?

Like we said last week, ManiaTV’s CEO Peter Hoskins is really eager to get the digital content studio sold as soon as possible — so eager that the compnany has laid off about half its remaining team, according to The Deal. This round of layoffs follows the studio’s staff cuts last October.

Hoskins told The Deal that 15 jobs were cut in this latest round, but it’s not exactly clear how many employees the studio now has left. ManiaTV said it had 50 employees after the October layoffs, and then hired six new sales, business-development and engineering execs to help get back on track. Some of those new hires have since left on their own, but the math still doesn’t add up. Meanwhile, Hoskins has continued to tell media outlets like us that the ad revenues were “absolutely” coming in.


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