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Google Deploys Ads In News Results; Shutters Bookmarking Service

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imageIf cost-cutting and boosting revenues are the keys to thriving amid a recession, then *Google* has proven it’s adept at doing both. The latest push to generate more revenue is by running search ads against *Google* News results, much like it has done with ads in image search, *Google* Earth and *Google* Finance (via the Google News Blog). There are still some relevance kinks to work out though; CNET notes that the products or services behind the ads don’t always match the news items their keywords are tied to.

On the other hand, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has steadily been pruning “non-core” products from its roster since the beginning of Q4: it shut down virtual world Lively in October, then killed micro-blogging service Jaiku, mobile social net Dodgeball, Google Notebook and the Google Mashup Editor in January.

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This week’s victim is Google Shared Stuff, an underused social bookmarking service that let people share sites, clips from Google Video and Google Knol entries. Google Operating System’s Alex Chitu notes that it was buggy (and redundant — given that Google Reader allows sharing); Shared Stuff will go dark at the end of March.

Google laid off 100 recruiters — meaning fewer new engineers, and less manpower for new projects — about a month ago. But the company does manage to utilize the brainpower (and the code) from its shuttered projects in the services that do make the cut: Google Latitude, its recently-launched mobile maps tracking tool, arose from the location-sharing capabilities of Dodgeball (via the NYT).

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