10K Watch: Gannett Probably Paid Less Than $15 Million For Ripple6


Gannett (NYSE: GCI) picked up social-networking company Ripple6 in November in part because the newspaper chain’s chief digital officer Chris Saridakis had stake in the company but also as a cheap way to impress The Street by expanding its business of setting up social-net sites. But the terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed at the time. Some new details on the deal can be gleaned from Gannett’s latest 10K.

— A clause in the acquisition paperwork pays the owners of Ripple6 $1.8 million through 2013 if they beat certain performance expectations. Since these clauses typically can represent 10 percent to 30 percent of an average purchase price, that would imply that Gannett probably didn’t pay more than $15 million for Ripple6 .

Momslikeme.com, Gannett’s mommy network powered by Ripple, has been using some of the conversations between moms for publication in local Gannett papers. It’s an interesting way of using online content to try to boost local newspapers, but definitely isn’t going to save the day for print.

Not a lot of info on the larger national advertisers Gannett promised when it bought Ripple6 and launched Momslikeme.com nationally.



Privacy issues are undermining the whole concept of social networking, and as users realize they are being spied upon, I think we will hear little of these groups in the future.

Rafat Ali

Thanks mark…point taken, but Rory does say above that printing online conversations in print will not save, well, print. On the other factual error you pointed out, we have corrected it…thanks again.


Since when has anyone claimed that the point of building social networking sites is to boost print? These are new businesses. Any content sharing with print is a sideshow.

And it's momslikeME.com (not momslikeUS.com). It really erodes your credibility when you don't know the URL of the site you're writing about.

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