ZumoDrive in Public Beta with Lower Price, iPhone App


iphoneJust a quick heads up that ZumoDrive has moved from private beta to public beta. Even better is the launch of a supporting iPhone application that I got to see early. It’s a nice complement to ZumoDrive’s hybrid cloud solution of backup and synchronization, and offers music streaming in addition to file and photo access.

The ZumoDrive folks took pricing feedback to heart as well. Gone is the flat $2.99 for every 10GB of storage: You’ll now see discounts for increased capacities. My full thoughts and impressions are available this morning over at GigaOm.


Faeiz Hindi

I would be a lot more interested in ZumoDrive if they supported streaming video to my iphone and also removed the size limit on individual files.

borax99 (Alain C.)

This is good news. I used the free beta for a couple of weeks and have found it useful. As a result, I signed up for 10GB, we’ll see how that works out.

Standard caveat for *ALL* cloud users: you must maintain your own backup on some sort of removable storage, ignore this recommendation at your own risk !!!!

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