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RockYou Gears Up to Distribute Content

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RockYou, one of the largest developers of applications for social networks, has tremendous reach — 130 million global users and 18 billion page views per month. Though some content creators might consider glitter text and slideshows beneath them, RockYou has one other thing they really want and are increasingly willing to pay for: distribution.

rockyoukatalystSo the Redwood City, Calif.-based startup’s sales team is making a concerted effort — though a very, very new one — to sign up content creators. The company made its whole network video-ad compatible earlier this month, and it also signed with talent agency CAA to get access to stars and their pre-launch shows.

Last week, RockYou conducted its first big content distribution test with Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Media. The site was able to show 1.8 million impressions in a single day for Katalyst’s special Fashion Week episode of its show Blah Girls. The show was distributed with a mix of autoplaying videos and click-to-play, in ad units and as a featured video within RockYou’s various apps, such as Super Wall (see screenshot from Facebook above). For instances of the show where users had to click to play, RockYou reports that 75 percent of them actually did (which seems insanely high).

Katalyst recently launched a series with RockYou rival Slide, but we criticized its more limited approach of making the show (a mockumentary called KatalystHQ) available only to logged-in Facebook users who had installed a certain Slide app.

RockYou’s Lisa Marino, who heads West Coast sales, said the early tests show the company can deliver 3 million U.S. video views per day, with a frequency cap of two times. User-initiated videos go for $0.008-0.010 per impression, whereas auto-playing video views are worth $0.02-0.03 each. Marino said RockYou is just figuring out how to structure its deals, but so far it knows that it will always guarantee video views, and that the company will look to be the exclusive distributor when it can, especially when it gets involved in signing a sponsor.

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