New Labs Feature Adds Unread Gmail Count to Browser Tabs



After years of straddling the fence, I’ve migrated completely over to web-based e-mail. Our recent conversation about web vs. client got me to make the switch and I haven’t looked back. Browser extensions, Greasemonkey scripts and other add-ons generally fill in any gaps I have.

Today, Google (s goog) made it a little easier to manage mail in the browser, thanks to a new Labs feature called “Title Tweaks.” Once enabled, you’ll see your unread mail count in your browser tab. That’s key for me because I have two Gmail accounts going at all times. I was using Gmail Notifier, but it only supports a single Gmail account, which only solves half of my problem.

There are plenty of scripts and extensions that offer the same unread count for Gmail, so add this one to the list. I’ve been using  it for the past hour and it’s working great. Well, in Chrome it is. I haven’t checked it in Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or that blazing fast new version of Safari yet. I’d expect it to work just fine in all of them.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, browsers typically already show the unread counts of Gmail in the title of the tab. However, that’s often to the right of the title info and typically gets cut off when using multiple tabs. This Labs feature moves the unread count to the left so it’s easily viewable. Thanks, Shawn!


Ashish Ganatra

FYI this feature has been around for months it was not added today…..

Shawn Roberts

Am I missing something, isn’t this feature is already available in Firefox and Chrome without any extensions?

Kevin C. Tofel

True, the unread counts already appeared, but they appear in the far right of the title of the tab. This feature re-orders the title of the tab to show the unread count closer to the left so you can see it all of the time. I didn’t make that clear in the post, so I’ll amend. Thx!

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