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jkOnTheRun readers do a lot of web surfing on the phone

phone-browsing-pollWe recently ran a poll of jkOnTheRun readers that asked “how much of your quick web work is done on your phone?”  The poll (now closed) only ran for a few days but had more than 700 responses.  It’s clear from the results that you do a fair bit of web surfing on your phone as 34% of you (239 votes) hit the web “multiple times a day” on your phone.  Only 14% don’t do any surfing on the phone and 22% visit the web only occasionally.  Another 15% jump online at least once a day and 11% do so “all the time.”  The remaining 4% (31 votes) browse the web on the phone more than they do at the desktop.

These results aren’t all that surprising as the jkOnTheRun readers are a tech-savvy bunch.  You guys know your stuff and you know how to make the tech work for you.  It might still be considered a bit unexpected that 86% of the respondents do surf the web on the phone.  We can surmise that phone browsers have advanced enough to make this feasible and only a short while ago they weren’t really good enough to tolerate.

One Response to “jkOnTheRun readers do a lot of web surfing on the phone”

  1. GoodThings2Life

    I’m not surprised at all, especially given the “mobile” focus of this site and its readers. I admit I’m in the crowd of at least once a day, but I would say that I spend less than 20 minutes surfing the web… usually checking Facebook or my bank accounts. Most of my data plan is email syncing and tethering use.