Intel joins the Dell “netbook” trademark party

endangered1The latest chapter in the “netbook” trademark saga that Psion kicked off late last year has Intel joining the party.  Dell recently filed for cancellation of the Psion “netbook” trademark and Intel has now also filed for the cancellation.

Intel’s filing is much like that of Dell’s, asserting that the term “netbook” has become too generic to allow Psion’s trademark to stand.  They are also stating that Psion was committing fraud in 2006 when they claimed they were actively using the trademark.

This whole business is not unexpected; Intel has a lot riding on the netbook term and fighting it is just good business.  Psion definitely let the trademarked term sit for a few years, as they stopped selling their netBook in 2003.  I think it seems likely that the trademark will not survive these challenges, but time will tell.

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