Every SSD Drive Should Offer This Feature


I might be easily impressed, but I sure like this new Solid State Disk drive from Buffalo. No, it might not be the fastest nor the cheapest, but it has a super feature: a mini-USB port. You could just pop this SATA drive into a compatible computer like any other SSD drive, but that USB port gives you a little more flexibility. Your “internal” drive can be used as a portable external drive, for example. Or you could connect it via USB cable to clone an image or move backup data before installing the drive internally. I like it!

Akihabara says it comes in capacities ranging from 30- to 128GB but I don’t see any price details. Buffalo says it’s fast and cuts boot time by 30%, but as compared to what, I don’t know. I’m not sure I even care. They had me at USB. :) What do you think: gimmick or useful?


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