Daily Sprout

Japan Mulls Feed-In Tariff : Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is pushing for a feed-in tariff that would guarantee a price (to be paid by utilities) for surplus electricity from residential solar systems for about a decade. — Reuters

Plan B: Hack the Climate: A growing number of scientists are looking at the use of technology to artificially tweak the planet’s thermostat as a method of last resort for averting catastrophic climate change. — New Scientist

GM Gives Up on New Flint Factory: General Motors (s GM) plans to retool an existing facility to build small engines for the extended-range electric Chevy Volt, scrapping a more expensive plan to build a new factory in Flint, Mich. — Detroit Free Press

Recession Complicates Cali Climate Goals: California manufacturers say the deepening recession will make carrying out the state’s climate plan even more difficult and could make the economy worse. — New York Times

Toyota Considers Kelp Car: Toyota (s TM) is toying with the idea of an ultralight, superefficient plug-in hybrid with a bioplastic body made of seaweed for a post-2020 launch. — Wired’s Autopia