Don't Think Gossip Sells? Check Out Perez Hilton's Traffic Numbers


imageSome news organizations struggle to find the right balance between serious news and low-brow celebrity fare. Others just ditch the former altogether — and you can see why.’s page views ballooned to 14 million during the Oscars (via — that’s higher than high-minded blog network the Huffington Post, whose page views topped out at 7.7 million for the month. even outdrew Gawker, whose peak for the month was 1.3 million page views, per Quantcast. Pre Oscars, Hilton’s daily page views had hovered in the 7 million to 10 million range.

Of course, page views aren’t the be-all, end-all metric — HuffPo dwarfs Hilton in unique monthly visitors, as does rival gossip site (via Compete). But then again, Hilton does it with a lot less overhead (he’s essentially the only person blogging on the site.)



Say what you will about the quality of his ads, the man makes six figures a month off ad sales. Just check out his ad sale service and it will list his fees. It's insane and many television networks take out full page designs on his site. That ain't cheap, either.

I can't stand Perez, but some of the detractors on here just sound jealous and aren't seeing the big picture. The guy is getting rich. Fast.

Jeff @ Dead Tree Media

Sure, there's a lot of it… the guy posts like wildfire, it gets picked up easily by SEO bots, and linked to more than any gossip site I know…. but take a closer look at the ads that are running there and you can see what advertisers think of his traffic.

It's pretty much all smut and dating sites, and not the high end ones… casinos, weight loss. He's created the site that the "as seen on TV" crowd love to populate.

Sure, there's a lot of it, but clearly it's not worth very much… but I doubt he cares. His writing is crap and he hasn't really said anything clever in long while. Perez's site design and content hurts my soul a little every time I get a link to it to see him come up with some goofy nickname for a celebrity that didn't say hello to him at the last Hollywood mixer.

You want truly funny, quality gossip writing, read "What Would Tyler Durden Do?" (


I visited the site and its the most insane site I have come across about celebrity gossips in the recent times . But I still feel 14 million hits is a little to big number for this blog .

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